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"Puff" Sweatshorts in Hibiscus

"Puff" Sweatshorts in Hibiscus

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The "Puff" Sweatshorts are crafted from top-quality fabrics, while having an exquisite embroidery art of hearts along the side. The embroidery, represents the love we share in the Pink Palm Puff x Amare community. Perfect for summer days.• 80% cotton, 20% polyester




• 350gsm fleece

• Oversized fit

• Exclusive Pink Palm Puff embroidery

• Ribbed cuffs


• 80% cotton, 20% polyester

How to care for your luxury hoodie

To preserve the pristine condition of your hoodie, remember to wash it inside out, and wash in cold water. These steps shield the embroidered details and safeguards the vibrant colors. When it comes to drying, opt for air-drying. Additionally, exercise caution by using a low-heat setting when ironing.


We are only shipping to the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand at the moment.


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