About Us

Welcome to Pink Palm Puff! We offer luxury apparel designed in Southern California, with a touch of Spanish artistry from Valencia. Our hoodies go beyond clothing – they represent the lifestyle we love!

Our hoodies feature a plush fabric blend of cotton and polyester with a weight of 360GSM, a soft fleece material, ensuring you feel cozy all the time.

Share the love - The PPP palm embroidered above the heart of each hoodie you wear, is a symbol of the love we all share within the Pink Palm Puff community.

Our first launch, "Everything Comes in Waves" encourages us to embrace change, adapt to challenges, find balance, and grow a mindset of acceptance. It reminds us to ride the waves of life and appreciate the beauty in its fluctuations. 

Join us at Pink Palm Puff, where style meets comfort and togetherness.

With love, always,